M/V and Song Review: Martini Blue

Dream Perfect Regime LIVE, also known as DPR LIVE, released the music video for his newest single ‘Martini Blue’ on Thursday. Taking place in the beautiful scenery of Santorini, Greece, Martini Blue is a heavy dose of summer nostalgia and wanderlust.

Drone shots, point of view, mid and wide shots come together to capture the beauty of the city. From drone shots of the Aegean Sea to an attention-grabbing intro close up, the music video offers something similar to Jay Park’s ‘Drive.’ Pristine, vibrant colors of Santorini’s buildings and awe-inducing shots of the mountain-side. As vibrant as Santorini may be, the video produces a calm yet seductive vibe for listeners.

DPR’s director and chief editor, Christian Yu does an immaculate job of providing mid-range shots of DPR LIVE’s shadow and capturing the relaxing, comfort of a sunset. He also managed to put DPR’s signature sunset shot into the video. The colors of the sunset paired with wide-shots of the Aegean Sea create a seductive atmosphere as the song lyric’s come into play.

dpr martini blue
photo from WHAT THE KPOP

The lyrics are rapped in a soft yet effective tone. DPR LIVE’s tone fluctuation is strong and captivating throughout his flow. The “mmm-mmm’s” and ad-libs bring a summer liveliness to mellow vibe of the song and video. His lyrics are the typical ‘girl I’m so into you and we could smash by the look on your face,’ but it’s the constant reference to Martini Blue that is intriguing. When the words are broken down and translated, Martini Blue can be an allusion to the moment a person realizes he or she is deeply, irrevocably in love with someone. Perhaps martini refers to the drunken feeling a person feels in love while blue is a deep, complex color. Putting the two together creates a drunken love that is as deep and complex as the ocean.

The overall production of the video and song is well executed. The attention to detail and immaculate editing show this project was conscious of its intended surroundings. Choosing Santorini as the location for a song that makes references to Ariel and “living in a deep blue ocean,” is perfect for showing the freshness and beauty of a relationship. Like love, Santorini is a place people dream of experiencing but not everyone gets the chance.

Artists with… Seoul: DEAN

desk-music-headphones-earphonesArtists with….

Seoul: DEAN

Written by: Nnehkai Agbor

DEAN is on track to take the world by storm with charisma that has yet to be seen in the Korean entertainment industry. While artists such as Crucial Star, Hoody, G.Soul, Liivii, and Babylon have gained attention for their R&B vocals and individual styles, DEAN has been able to create a movement that has mostly been seen by boybands and girl groups.

DEAN created DEANFLUENZA originating from the name he used as a songwriter. Just like influenza his music has quickly spread across Asia and is making its presence known in America. DEAN’s ability to capture an audience with his signature mellow, honey-like vocals while having a rebel presence of similar to James Dean.

His collaborations with Milla J., Anderson Paak and Eric Bellinger gave him a leg up compared to his peers. These collaborations established him into the American music scene and a growing international fanbase which only built anticipation for his official Korean debut. This combined with being a mastermind behind songs for  kpop groups: EXO, VIXX  HISTORY and f(x) allowed him to create a frenzy that shows no sign of slowing down.

His recent album 130 Mood: TRBL, took South Korea by storm placing No. 3 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and No. 22 on Heatseeker Albums chart. Since his debut, he has remained in the top 100 of Korea’s Gaon chart as well. His album tackles the up and downs of a vehement yet doomed relationship. His vocals and lyrics put the listener in a trance that tugs on his or hers heartstrings while visualizing the story the album shares. It seems to mirror the love affairs of James Dean and Pier Angeli and Bonnie and Clyde. It’s angst and love: a classic love story.

He has also collaborated with Taeyeon and Heize and performed at KCON 2016 in Los Angeles with Amber of f(x) and Zion T in full house. One can only anticipate what more DEAN has to offer through his artistry.

As Dean continues to rise in his music career, he has this philosophy of staying to true to himself and never compromising his worth for “the dream.” A true rebel spirit has taken root in an industry where rules are obeyed.